Family Finds 15-Inch 'Ratzilla' In Their Home

Family Finds 15-Inch 'Ratzilla' In Their Home
Family Finds 15-Inch 'Ratzilla' In Their Home

A family in Sweden found a 15-inch rat, not including the tail, inside their kitchen.

Sweden's The Local reports the family found the massive rodent under their sink, and after a couple days, it was living under their kitchen table. They stayed out of the room.

And KXAS mentioned Even the family's cat was afraid of the monster rat. The family ended up calling pest control. The exterminator had to bring special traps to stop the monster rat.

Believe it or not, though - the trap wasn't the end. According to the Daily Mirror, the rat actually wandered off after the exterminator trapped it. The family said the rat wound up getting stuck under a piece of wood and choking to death.

Fox News spoke with the family. The father said his smallest son "...labeled it a 'Putin rat' ... 'He said it because it had invaded our home -- and therefore it was a 'Putin Rat.'"

Even though the incident happened about three weeks ago, the family still has to worry about the possibility of a rat invasion because of the cement hole "Ratzilla" created.

If that monster rat isn't scary enough, a doctor in Europe told the BBC there's evidence that rats can potentially grow to be as large as sheep.