Deaf couple finds insulting note attached to luggage

Couple Who Is Deaf Finds Insulting Note Attached to Luggage
Couple Who Is Deaf Finds Insulting Note Attached to Luggage

American Airlines is now apologizing after leaving an insulting message attached to a Deaf couple's luggage, which the airline had lost. "Fox & Friends" details what James Moehle and Angela Huckaby saw when they finally received their luggage.

'It had this note attached to it. It said 'Please text, deaf and dumb.'"

'Dumb' is an antiquated way of saying someone can't speak, but the expression is now considered offensive and hasn't been used in years.

New York Daily News says Moehle lost the majority of his hearing after contracting spinal meningitis at just 17 months old. His girlfriend, Huckaby, is also Deaf.

The couple demanded an apology and said they would never fly American Airlines again. ABC says the airline then released an apology via the media, saying:

'We apologize to Mr. Moehle and Ms. Huckaby. It was clearly a very poor choice of words. We're confident there was no ill will, but we'll be looking into this further.'

REPORTER: 'But James' mother wants more.'
KAYE MOEHLE: 'That person needs to be fired. The dumb one is the one who wrote the note.'

Moehle and Huckaby told Fox they're sticking to what they said about never flying American Airlines again unless they get a sincere apology.