Can This App Help People Overcome Alcoholism?

Can This App Help People Overcome Alcoholism?
Can This App Help People Overcome Alcoholism?

Researchers at The University of Wisconsin have created an app that provides alcohol-dependent individuals with what they call a relapse-prevention system. It's proven successful for people post-rehab.

The app, known as A-CHESS, has a built-in library of relaxation audio, a peer social network, and even an event calendar. Counselors can keep track of their patients through a web app, which is linked to the mobile version.

Counselors work with their patients to log information in the app, including sleep/wake hours, high-risk locations and more. The app can then provide support if a patient nears a high-risk location.

And that support can come in the form of a live video conference with a counselor, an automated text message asking a friend for support, and more.

The app certainly appears to be helping. In recent clinical trials published in JAMA Psychiatry, the study found that users reported fewer "risky drinking days" - those days in which drinking exceeded a standard number of drinks in a two-hour period - and a higher likelihood of abstinence than those who did not use the app.

The University of Wisconsin says A-CHESS will be available commercially at the end of July. For those battling addiction, the app has been quite a success.

"If this was around ten years ago, there'd still be people that are sober that are using right now ... It's kind of like a comfort system right in your pocket."

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