Two-time cancer survivor gets makeover

Two-Time Cancer Survivor Gets Makeover
Two-Time Cancer Survivor Gets Makeover

"Good Morning America" gave Nitza Lipp -- a two-time cancer survivor from San Diego -- a brand new look so her outside would reflect how full of life she says she feels on the inside.

'Nitza, come on out! Take a look at yourself for the first time! No crying. No crying!'

Her sister said she wanted Lipp to get the makeover because she's an amazing person who's been through so much.

Lipp said the cancer took a toll on her spirit and her looks. Since battling the illness, the 49-year-old says she's constantly been told she looks like her sister's mother or her mother's sister.

Lipp said there wasn't anything she didn't love about the makeover, and online commenters agreed.

The day before the makeover, Lipp posted a photo of her and her sister in Times Square on Facebook.

Post by Nitza Lipp.

The makeover is part of a 'GMA' ongoing Time Machine segment. Its purpose is to make participants look 10 years younger in 60 minutes.