'Silly walk' sign outrages Swedish road agency

'Silly Walk' Sign Upsets Scandinavian Town
'Silly Walk' Sign Upsets Scandinavian Town

A Swedish road agency is enraged over a doctored road sign, saying that it's confusing and just too silly -- but that may just be the point.

According to The Local, an art collective installed a "Silly Salk" sign in the hope that residents would cross the road with an absurd gait inspired by the iconic Monty Python sketch. One member of the art group told The Local, "It's just for fun. There's no deep thought behind it. People live in their ordinary lives and when they see this sign, maybe they can have a little smile on their face. That's all."

Check out the sign that was posted to Reddit:

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Sweden's "Silly Walk" sign isn't the first road sign to be doctored by residents, one walking sign was given wings after gluing a on a red bull, and a stop sign was changed to quote the famous John Wayne line, "Stop right there pilgrim."