Husband begs drug company to help save wife's life

Husband Begs Drug Company to Help Save Wife's Life
Husband Begs Drug Company to Help Save Wife's Life

Thousands of people are petitioning a drug company to release medication that might save a 25-year-old woman's life. "Good Morning America" has more.

'A husband's desperate battle to save his wife's life. She's battling a rare form of cancer. He's launching a social media campaign to pressure the drug companies to give her access to an experimental treatment.'

Keith Knapp told KXTV that two drug companies have already rejected his wife, Mikaela, because the cancer has spread to her brain. However, there is one left.

'That leaves Merck, which has a compassionate use program. Keith has found an oncologist in the bay area willing to administer the trial and a nonprofit willing to help fill out the very-detailed applications.'

Keith started a petition on to get the word out. It reads: "I married my high school sweetheart after we graduated from college in 2011. Two years later, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer."

So far, more than 200,000 people have signed the petition.

Keith told KMAX their time as newlyweds has been tough.

'It's not something I planned to be doing just a couple weeks after we got married.'

Mikaela has told her supporters she will continue to fight.

'People die from not being able to access these drugs and I don't want to be one of them.'

Keith is using the hashtag "#we got this" on social media to spur support for the campaign. You can keep up with her journey on the "We Got This" Facebook page.