Granny gets funky while cooking in the kitchen

Granny Gets Funky While Cooking in the Kitchen
Granny Gets Funky While Cooking in the Kitchen

One granny has found her Internet claim to fame ... and it comes in the form of a viral video of her cookin' with flare.

As you see on the YouTube video she even gets a little fancy with the bread - and then brings in the dog! Dang, we wish WE looked this cool when we cooked dinner!

You can hear the person recording the video nearly busting a gut in the background, especially when granny dips it low to the ground. She's still got it!

The Huffington Post says the video "wins the day" and notes Vanilla Ice never seemed so cool.

"Is it her effortless style? The way she seamlessly incorporates such things as 'getting some food out of the fridge'? Or the way her dog is running around her, looking completely bemused?"

And Elite Daily calls the video "epic," creepily adding, "Her hips are hypnotizing."

We wouldn't go that far, but we do agree she's got some stellar moves.