100-year-old woman reveals her secret to longevity

100-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Secret to Longevity
100-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Secret to Longevity

Sarah Stenberg may be in a Wisconsin retirement home, but that's not stopping her from getting some serious exercise.

Every day, this lady racks up four miles just by strutting around the halls of her retirement community.

Oh, did we mention how old she is? Sarah is 100 years old "and five months," she says with a laugh.

Yep -- even though she's more than 100 years old, Sarah still walks three to four hours a day!

"Everybody sleeps about this time of day. They're great nappers," she said with a laugh. "I enjoy very much doing it and I know it's for my own benefit," she told FOX59.

Sarah's even joined a six-week health system challenge to get the rest of her community out and moving each day.