Woman looks 10 years younger after makeover

Woman Looks 10 Years Younger After Makeover
Woman Looks 10 Years Younger After Makeover

"Good Morning America" gave third-grade teacher Glynette Ford a new look Wednesday as part of the show's "Lose 10 Years in 60 Minutes" series.

Ford got the makeover because she said people thought she was much older than she really is. She told "Good Morning America" she was once mistaken for her own mother's mother.

"Good Morning America"'s Sara Haines took Ford's photo out on the street before the makeover and asked people how old they thought the 45-year-old was. One of them thought she was 70!

And it did seem as though the show's time machine took 10 years off Ford's appearance. She showed off her new look on Facebook with a post that said a 'wonderful group of professionals can do miracles.'

Post by Glynette Keeling Ford.

The big reveal surprised a lot of people on Twitter! One commenter said she wanted to take a trip in the time machine herself, and another said of Ford, 'she looks fantastic.'

"Good Morning America" says it was inundated with requests for makeovers after publishing a story on ABC's website asking applicants to share why they deserved to lose 10 years in 60 minutes. The goal is to help people who are mistaken for being older than they really are.