Why the ladies of "Hot in Cleveland" say the laughs are better after 40

Legendary Ladies of Sitcoms Reveal Why They're Still Hot!
Legendary Ladies of Sitcoms Reveal Why They're Still Hot!

Three women with a history of three spectacular hit sitcoms, sit down with AOL.com to celebrate "Hot in Cleveland" and having a hit after 40.

Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Valerie Bertinelli are individually some of TV's most famous stars of sitcoms past, but put them together on the same show and you have television magic. When they all sat down with AOL.com's Brian Balthazar, the three funny ladies could not stop cracking each other up! Something they say happens all the time on their hit TV Land show Hot in Cleveland.

"I think we all do, "says Malick. "You and I are a little worse than Wendie," says Leeves, "Valerie has this, a Muttley wheeze that you can just..." Valerie chimes in, "I have asthma!" Leeves continues, "but if I hear that I can't even turn and look at you!"
Listening to Leeves carry on about her laugh, Bertinelli uncontrollably, well, wheezes with laughter.

Watching the three women, it's clear they have an undeniable bond fueling their chemistry on-screen. The women of "Hot in Cleveland" have incredibly enviable resumes. Yet despite their history of shows like "Frasier", "Just Shoot Me" and "One Day at a Time," the women agree that they are enjoying their latest show the most.

"I like it because of our age," says Bertinelli. Malick agreed saying, "We are appreciating it more. But I think what all of them have in common is you realize how lucky you are when...lightning strikes twice... we're so grateful that we have this platform where we can be these women who are our ages and still having a good time and relevant and 'hot' and all that."

So what would these ladies say to their younger selves before they became big stars? "Don't eat that," jokes Bertinelli.

Watch the giggle-fest continue as the ladies go live along with Betty White for the season premiere of "Hot in Cleveland" at 10pm on TV Land. Betty White will then appear on "The Soul Man" also premiering live at 10:30pm on TV Land.