Teen reaches $70,000 settlement with school

Teen Reaches $70K Settlement With School Over Facebook Comment
Teen Reaches $70K Settlement With School Over Facebook Comment

A Minnesota teen won $70,000 in a settlement with her school over one of her Facebook posts. Back in 2011, 11-year-old Riley Stratton posted a message on her Facebook saying she hated one of her school's hall monitors. The Minnewaska School District slapped her with an in-school suspension.

After a parent complained about a sexual message that Riley sent to their son's Facebook, the school demanded her Facebook info and went through her account: an action her lawyer calls unconstitutional.

Riley was so embarrassed by the incident that she is now being homeschooled.

According to the Star Tribune, the school maintains they asked permission to go through Riley's Facebook, a claim her parents strongly disagree with. The school district reached a $70k settlement, and says that they will use more caution in the future when handling similar matters.