Sneaky orangutans escape, toy with humans

Orangutans Escape, Play Hide-N-Seek
Orangutans Escape, Play Hide-N-Seek

Rocky and Knobi decided to investigate their new surroundings at the Indianapolis Zoo.

First, they dismantled a web camera. Then they went off to explore another (off limits) part of the enclosure.

But Indianapolis Zoo Spokeswoman Karen Burns says this isn't entirely surprising.

"We expected the orangs to have this kind of behavior. We know they will test and will find any weak link in the chain. We opened the exhibit early so we could have the opportunity to do this and explore before the public has access to the exhibit."

Zoo officials say at no point could guests have been in contact with the pair: they likened the situation to when toddlers get out of their rooms and hide.

They may have been missing for about 30 minutes, but they never left the house ... and it took a simple treat to lure them back.

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