WATCH: Rubberneckers cause chain-reaction crash

WATCH: Rubberneckers Cause Chain-Reaction Crash
WATCH: Rubberneckers Cause Chain-Reaction Crash

Some drivers in Sacramento got a little distracted on their morning commute and, as HLN shows us, it led to a freeway frenzy.

'A pickup truck went flying into a guardrail after it got rear-ended, and then more cars started crashing behind it.'

Coincidentally, a KMAX news crew was covering a closed lane on the opposite side of the highway when it all unfolded Monday morning.

'We were just standing here getting ready for our live shot to talk about lanes being blocked on the westbound side heading into Sacramento this morning when we saw all these cars, boom, boom, one after the other, hit each other.'

Jalopnik has a few tips if you see a car accident like this one. Some of them include turning on your hazards, leaving room for emergency vehicles and, of course, calling 9-1-1.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rubbernecking, texting, fiddling with the stereo and other forms of distracted driving injure more than 1,000 people every day in the U.S.

People involved in the Sacramento crash suffered minor to moderate injuries.

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