Woman wakes up trapped inside an empty trainyard

Woman Wakes Up Trapped Inside Empty Train
Woman Wakes Up Trapped Inside Empty Train

Jessica Method, 23, was riding the Caltrain back to San Jose, CA when she fell asleep. When she woke up, she was trapped in the empty train inside a railyard. "I had been working all week, I had eaten a big dinner, I was tired and it was late and I just fell asleep," she said.

The lights inside the train were still on and luckily the doors were open, but there was no one around.

She also discovered her cell phone was dead.

Jessica says she then pulled several emergency levers on the train, all in a desperate attempt to get someone to come.

"There was a few fences I would have had to jump, not easily, and that's when I reverted to a few other options."

That's when she ran to open the conductor's cabin and found a two-way radio.

Two maintenance employees working the graveyard shift quickly came to her rescue.

Jayme Ackemann, Caltrain Spokesperson says, "the conductors involved were disciplined and we're going to be talking to all of our employees to remind them about the protocols and what's appropriate for closing up for the night."

Anything to stop this real-life nightmare from happening again!