Maria Menounos Explains Her Bizarre Laugh

The Crazy Life of Maria Menounos
The Crazy Life of Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos and her family sit down with to reveal their crazy life living together on Oxygen's "Chasing Maria Menounos" and what's really behind Maria's notorious laugh!

She's the gorgeous co-host of "Extra" who once blew the lid off of "Dancing with the Stars". She's also been featured in People Magazine's "Most Beautiful" issue as well as countless lists touting her looks in men's magazines. Yet, you don't even have to see her pretty face to know she's in the same room because of her notorious laugh.

Anyone who knows the name Maria Menounos knows she's got a less than ordinary giggle. Whether it's the middle of one of her celebrity interviews or this interview with's Brian Balthazar, you can count on Maria's laugh to spark attention of the masses.

The source of the laugh is unclear, but rumors that it may have started with a dolphin run-in are actually true! "I did trace it back to our first trip to Greece," says Menounos. "When I was ten years old, we went, we spent all this time, I think it might have been a month in the village where my dad is from...and I hung out with goats all the time! I was literally just playing with the goats in the backyard and I swear I got it from there. I also watched Flipper religiously so mix Flipper and the goat and then you get my laugh."

Maria's boyfriend of 16 years, Keven Undergaro, says that before Maria left to go big time in Hollywood, he told her the laugh was unique to her. "When I first met her people advised her: 'when you move to LA lose the laugh.' I said, 'No, Maria, when you move to LA, keep the laugh."

If you can imagine the sound of Flipper echoing through the halls of her home, imagine that mixed with the chaos of living with her parents! The 35-year-old lives with her boyfriend, her mother Litsa and her father, Costas. And the family tells that they love catching up with their daughter and appearing on her new Oxygen reality show "Chasing Maria Menounos." But what they can't figure out is why she hasn't married Keven and had children.

Maria tells us she's on the fence about having children and getting married while juggling the entertainment show, reality show and book projects she's got going on. But we're sure to find out what's next for her if we can catch her on "Chasing Maria Menounos" Tuesdays at 10pm on Oxygen.

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