On "Antiques Roadshow," a woman found out she had a painting worth a small fortune.

'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Breaks Down When She Finds Out Heirloom's Value
'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Breaks Down When She Finds Out Heirloom's Value

GIRL: "I think if this were to be sold at a retail gallery today it might be worth as much as $45,000 dollars."
OLD LADY: "Oh my goodness. My grandmother would be so happy... she really would."

Yes, the owner was brought to tears -- as you saw there, after the show, the value of the painting actually went up. It was re-appraised at $75,000! It turns out the woman's grandmother bought the painting in San Antonio in 1935 from Porfirio Salinas, a painter recognized for his depictions of the Texas hill country in the springtime --and one of the first Mexican artists to become nationally recognized for his work.

The New York Times described Porfirio as US President Lyndon B. Johnson's favorite painter.

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Viewers were loving the woman's reaction hearing her painting was worth so much, saying ...

"This lady made me cry. She was so truly surprised and happy," and "this woman was so sweet when she cried for her loved one."