'Homeland' actor writes his own touching obituary

James Rebhorn Wrote His Own Obituary
James Rebhorn Wrote His Own Obituary

A touching obituary written for the late Homeland actor James Rebhorn has been published, and it turns out it was written by Rebhorn himself.

In the auto obit published on the website of the St. Paul Lutheran Church, the 65-year-old actor doesn't spend too much time talking about his career. Focusing just three sentences on his love of the craft and the teachers and his representatives that helped him develop it.

Most of his obituary focuses on his parent, wife, and children. He wrote, "His children made him immensely proud. Their dedication to improving our species and making the world a better place gave him hope for the future. They deal with grief differently, and they should each manage it as they see fit. He hopes, however, that they will grieve his passing only as long as necessary. They have much good work to do, and they should get busy doing it."

Rebhorn, who has appeared in films like "Scent of a Woman" and "Independence day," died on friday of melanoma.

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