Girl kicked out of school after supporting friend with cancer

Girl Kicked Out of School After Supporting Friend with Cancer
Girl Kicked Out of School After Supporting Friend with Cancer

A 9-year-old Colorado girl shaved her head to support her best friend who lost her hair while fighting cance -- but HLN reports that the response from her school was not at all what she expected.

'She got kicked out of school for it because Kamryn Renfro's charter school in Grand Junction, Colo. has a strict dress code that doesn't allowed shaved heads.'

A Facebook page for Kamryn's friend Delaney, who has a rare form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma, responded to the school's decision and said, 'So very upset that they would punish a beautiful little girl for being strong and brave and standing up for what she cares and believes in!!!'

And a mother whose kids attend the same school isn't happy about the decision, either. Here's what she had to say to KKCO.

'She didn't shave her head to be part of a gang or to be a rebel. She shaved her head to show her friend she wasn't alone. I think there are times that compassion is more important than a rulebook.'

KREX reports the school reversed course a bit and invited Kamryn to return to school temporarily on Tuesday.

The school's board of directors will meet Tuesday to decide whether Kamryn can stay in school with her shaved head.