'Dancing With The Stars': Shocking Surprise Double Elimination!

'Dancing With The Stars': Shocking Surprise Double Elimination!
'Dancing With The Stars': Shocking Surprise Double Elimination!

On "Dancing with the Stars," it was a surprise double elimination.

DIANA: "For nine years, I've wanted to do this show. It's spectacular. The spirit of it."

DIANA: "It's joy, it's freedom."

SEAN: "I made a new friend named Karina, I made some money for an amazing charity, Friends in Deed. I got out of the cold winter of New York..."

With the lowest combined judges' scores and viewer votes last week, long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad and professional hockey player Sean Avery were sent home, but left the show grateful for the opportunity.

The Wall Street Journal wasn't surprised to see either go home, but was surprised to see them go before someone else.

"Diana was probably the least-known celebrity on the show this season. Sean had the second-lowest total, and was at the bottom of the judges' leaderboard last week as well ... it's a surprise, though that both couples were able to outlast 'Star Wars' actor Billy Dee Williams, who was significantly behind on the judges' leaderboard at the end of last week. His fan base must be a FORCE to be reckoned with."

But BuddyTV was sad to see Sean Avery go, taking notice of his dry humor, wit and dancing improvement.

"[Sean] is so low-key and sarcastic. His dancing is like his personality, a little stilted by somehow compelling. He actually does a lot of dancing and he has some sweet moves. He's much lighter on his feet than I expected. It's a sham. He was fascinating and one of only three stars who actually improved in the second week."