Buddy the dog rescued from debris of Washington state mudslide

Buddy the Dog Rescued from Debris of Washington State Mudslide
Buddy the Dog Rescued from Debris of Washington State Mudslide

The Kuntz family faced massive losses caused by the disastrous mudslide in Washington State. Then, when it seemed that all was lost, they got a heartwarming surprise.

HLN reports that 'a family who really lost everything in that mudslide in Washington State was so thrilled to find their dog Buddy alive.'

The Kuntzes returned to their home in Darrington after attending their son's ball game to see the house 150 feet from its base. Quinton Kuntz tells KOMO he was in disbelief.

'We could've been gone.'

As volunteers were searching through the debris of the Kuntz home, they heard Buddy whining, and were able to pull him out.

'Covered in dirt and a few gashes, Buddy came through.'

As you just saw, the house was partially collapsed around the dog! Quinton tells KOMO he was surprised Buddy made it out all right.

'I'm just shocked at how well he did.'

This surprise lifted the spirits of the Kuntz family members, who lost their Aunt Linda McPherson to the horrible disaster. Buddy's survival also boosted hopes of other searchers.

'We just heard this morning that another dog got rescued, and so if they're still finding dogs alive why can't we be finding people alive?'

There are currently over 100 missing person reports after the mudslide, and the search continues. If you'd like to help, you can do so by donating to the Red Cross.

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