Adorable 1-year-old cheers during first March Madness experience

Adorable 1-Year-Old Cheers During First March Madness Experience

Little 1-year-old Wesley experienced March Madness with his father for the first time -- and as "Good Morning America" shows us, Wesley was absolutely loving it.

Proud father Dustin Sandoval, posted the video on YouTube, noting it's safe to say his son is a fan.

From the looks of his Twitter account, Sandoval has gotten a kick out of the attention, saying his son is "awesome" and Sandoval "still can't believe all of this."

Sports Illustrated even picked up the video. Writer Sam Page said his very favorite part was little Wesley's face anticipating the next play. Aww.

Who knows? Maybe next year, Wesley can fill out his own bracket.

Watch the full video here:
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