WATCH: Fla. crocodile chomps down on volunteer's GoPro

WATCH: Fla. Crocodile Chomps Down on Volunteer's GoPro
WATCH: Fla. Crocodile Chomps Down on Volunteer's GoPro

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a crocodile? Well, one man tried to do just that with his GoPro camera, but it didn't really go as planned.

'It was shot by a volunteer at an animal sanctuary in Homestead, Florida. As soon as he put it in the water, yep, the crocodile he calls 'Big Boy' attacked it.'

Big Boy is nearly 14 feet long. Chris Madden wanted to get some really close shots of the croc, so he made a PVC housing to guard his brand-new GoPro.

When Madden stuck it in the water, though, the unexpected happened.

'As soon as the camera touched the water near him, he went berserk ... as soon as anything touches the water, he is in and looking to do some damage.'

Yikes! Big Boy tore right through the camera, damaging the lens and electronics. Thankfully, though, the memory card was saved.

A writer for The Blaze says Madden managed to get, 'a stunning view that no person would ever want to see first hand.'

And luckily for Madden, the GoPro was covered under the store's return policy. He was able to have the damaged camera replaced.