Mystery cop from pick-up basketball game has been identified

Mystery Cop from Pick-Up Basketball Game Has Been Identified
Mystery Cop from Pick-Up Basketball Game Has Been Identified

The mystery cop who paid it forward with a little one-on-one action against a young boy in San Antonio has finally been identified! HLN has more.

'No one knew who the officer was. We now know that his name is Officer Neil Rocha.'

Earlier this month, that video of Officer Rocha and 12-year-old Jacob Aguirre went viral. Jacob's mom, Monica Aguirre, took the video,

It was then shared to San Antonio Police Department's Facebook page, where it quickly spread.

Rocha tells KAVU Jacob was worried when he saw the police officer.

'He hesitated and I said, 'Hey man, you wanna play one-on-one?' And he said, 'Yeah, why not?' So we start playing.'

For Rocha, the impromptu game of ball called to mind some memories.

'Rocha says the situation reminded himself of what it was like when he first came to the United States as a child.'

When the game ended, HLN reports Rocha shook Jacob's hand and then did one last favor.

'He said can you do the siren now? And I did the siren and said, all right I got to go.'

Rocha told HLN the pick-up game was a fun chance to pay it forward.