Manziel posts dunk clips; commenters skeptical of basket height

Whether Johnny Manziel's considerable talents will translate to the NFL remains to be seen, but his athleticism and knack for creating exciting plays was never in doubt while he was quarterback at Texas A&M the last two seasons. Now, as he readies for the upcoming NFL Draft, Manziel is showing off his athleticism in another venue: on the basketball court.

In a video posted to his Instagram account Monday, Manziel is seen throwing down a series of impressive dunks, including a thunderous 360. Manziel's stature -- he's only about six feet tall -- has come under scrutiny as NFL talent evaluators and pundits try to project his game at the next level, but it doesn't appear to be a problem on these dunks.

Or is it?

If you scan the comments on the Instagram post, many users are skeptical as to whether the basket is at regulation height.

It's hard to imagine Manziel would have much to gain from overselling his leaping abilities; last we checked, you can't dunk in a football game. And, his athleticism isn't in doubt -- it's his lack of size and pocket passing that have NFL types divided about his future in the pros. Still, perhaps any advantage can help in a fluid and very competitive draft class.

Have a look for yourself, and tell us what you think. Is Manziel pulling a fast one?

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