Dust devil swings burning tumbleweeds at firefighters

Dust Devil Swings Burning Tumbleweeds at Firefighters
Dust Devil Swings Burning Tumbleweeds at Firefighters

What you're about to see looks like something straight out of an end-of-the-world Hollywood thriller. It's called a dust devil.

'This was all caught on video near Denver on Friday. Take a look. Crews were doing a controlled burn about 150 acres of land on that, but strong, swirling winds kicked in and the fire grew out of control.'

KUSA had the remarkable video, which shows debris swirling around and some tumbleweeds on fire. One firefighter in the video said you don't see something like this very often. 'Well, that escalated quickly.'

And yes, that was a Ron Burgundy quote.

'Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.'

New York Daily News reports the dust devil lasted for about five minutes. It ended up burning an additional acre of land in the "controlled" burn.

'It ended up serving as a reminder that fires can be incredibly unpredictable. The crews were prepared for that, but they were not prepared for was their own fire getting drawn into a dust devil creating a moving fire headed in their direction.'