Did a N.Y. Mother Poison Her Son With Salt?

Did A N.Y. Mother Poison Her Son With Salt?
Did A N.Y. Mother Poison Her Son With Salt?

Five-year-old Garnett Spears died at the end of January after being taken off life support - and authorities are reportedly investigating his mother after the boy reportedly was found with high levels of salt in his body.

Twenty-six-year-old Lacey Spears fed her son through a feeding tube connected to his abdomen and a huge red flag for investigators is the high concentration of sodium found in a bag she used to feed Garnett. Spears denies any wrong doing.

The Journal News dug extensively into the story and reports while Garnett lay in the hospital dying, Spears called a neighbor, who requested anonymity, to go inside her home and dispose of one of the feeding bags. The neighbor retrieved the bag, but called the police.

Lab results revealed a dangerously high amount of sodium content inside the bag. Authorities are now trying to prove whether Spears suffers from Munchausen by proxy -when parents harm their children in search of attention or sympathy for themselves.

Throughout Garnett's life he struggled with medical issues and Spears kept friends and family up-to-date via social media. She would often write about her love for Garnett on Twitter.

And she started a blog, Garnett's Journey, writing "Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it."

Spears, who is staying with family in Kentucky, has hired a defense attorney who says she is devastated by the loss of her son.

Rebecca Spears, Lacey's sister told People, "Lacey did nothing to harm him. She loved him and did everything she could to care for him and protect him."

As of Monday, no charges had been filed against Spears.