Anchor tears up on-air after surprise from kid she helped get adopted

Anchor Tears Up on-Air After Surprise from Kid She Helped Get Adopted
Anchor Tears Up on-Air After Surprise from Kid She Helped Get Adopted

This is the heartwarming story of 14-year-old Ke'onte Cook, who is especially grateful for former WFAA anchor Gloria Campos.

When the teen was just 8, Campos featured the then-foster child on the Dallas-area news station. After a failed adoption, she featured him again, this time when he was 10. He was adopted after that segment.

'If someone said I'd offer you money for your parents, I'd say 'heck no,' they're worth more than what you've got.'
'He's definitely our son.'

To show his gratitude, Ke'onte wanted to surprise Campos.

'I can't believe it's you!'
'He helped me, too.'

Campos told Ke'onte she was thrilled he was so happy. The teen thanked her for making his life worthwhile and helping him become the person he is today.

Time reports the adoption came just in time:

'After watching the 2009 report, a couple named Carol and Scott Cook decided to adopt him. And he was in bad shape, too, having taken so many medications in foster care that his new mother would find him disoriented, walking around in circles in his room.'

Campos and her news station have helped a number of other children, as well.

'For more than 20 years, starting in 1989, she had the Wednesday's Child Meet, each week bringing viewers a story of another kid in foster care ... 75% of whom found adoptive families because of her reporting.'

Fittingly, the big surprise from Ke'onte came just before Campos' retirement from WFAA.

Ke'onte is now a runner, hiker and dancer living with a loving family.