Airlines discreetly lowering prices because of bag fees

Airlines Discreetly Lowering Prices Because of Bag Fees
Airlines Discreetly Lowering Prices Because of Bag Fees

Nowadays, many of us expect to pay fee after fee when flying. But as CBS points out, new research shows airlines might be trying to be a little gentler on your wallet.

'Researchers found that airlines quietly lowered fares to offset the cost. But the carriers still came out ahead because the ticket price drop was small compared to the new fees.'

The baggage fees were first implemented in 2008. According to the Los Angeles Times, airlines made $2.5 billion in baggage fees alone in 2013. Due to passenger resistance, though, airlines dropped their prices about seven bucks a pop for most lower-priced tickets.

Seven bucks might seem generous, but baggage fees typically cost three times more, and airlines are still making profit.

According to AirfareWatchdog, three out of the top four airlines charge a $25 fee for your first checked bag, although some of them waive the fee for certain international destinations.

If you travel Southwest, you're in luck! The airline does not currently charge a fee until your third checked bag.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the most recent average for domestic ticket prices was about $390.

With spring and summer breaks approaching, many of us are looking to travel, but when's the best time to book those tickets? studied more than 4 million trips and found that the best time to book a domestic flight in 2013 was exactly 54 days before your trip. Unsurprisingly, the worst time was the day before.

So, remember 54 days is the magic number, but don't expect your luggage to fly for free.