Campus Coverage: End of the road for Texas

Texas v Michigan
Texas v Michigan

By: Victoria Garcia

Peeking in several places along "The Drag" across from the UT Campus many fans were seated and awaited the start of NCAA Tournament Texas vs. Michigan.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop was a place many Longhorn students sat along with stuffed Fuzzy Tacos on their right and a cold margarita on their left.

Longhorn Fans hope for a win slowly faded as Michigan gained a quick lead on Texas in the first half. Fans at Mushrooms Pizza were loud and anxiously eating as the Wolverines lead was growing.

Not one fan wanted to admit defeat as you heard a simple "we can catch up," but could see a rebuttal as fans locked eyes on the screen watching Michigan hit buckets from everywhere on the court.

Texas was worried. Fans wanted to be hopeful but shook their heads as the first half came to an end. The score they read wasn't what they wished for.

Michigan led 43-30 at the break. Big Bites, famous for their outrageous sandwiches, was filled with fans talking over one another about the game as they waited in a long line to order.

Longhorn students clearly weren't too happy as they frowned from afar. The refs clearly frustrated them, as the Wolverines hadn't been called for a foul in the opening 14:40.

Texas fans looked to Freshman Isaiah Taylor for hope. Scoring 22 points for his team many believed he would be the one to pull off a win.

Other fans knew it was too late after seeing the Michigan team play a strong and clean game without their star payer Mitch McGary in the first half.

Fans awaited for the start of the second half but quickly turned heads as the Wolverines picked up right where they left on in the first half.

Pluckers was always a place to be for the tournament as chants of "Texas Fight" where ringing throughout the place.

Longhorns weren't looking too happy with their team except a little boy wearing a number one on his jersey looking to that one player along with others.

"Could he win it for us?"

A gust of hope hit the Longhorn fans as they roared once Isaiah Taylor got a hot hand for the Texas offense.

"Taylor Teardrop for Texas!" was yelled throughout the 8-0 run Texas had with eight minutes remaining. Every eye of despair quickly changed to hope. The room was filled with men yelling and clanking drinks.

Although that quickly changed as every head was turned toward the screen troubled as the Wolverines made its 14th three pointer, the most in the NCAA tournament.

Which also happened to be the finishing touch. The Longhorn fans knew their comeback was done.

Boos rang from the crowd as Michigan was up 15 with two minutes left on the clock.

Longhorn fans were clearly finished with the game, as many heads were no longer turned towards the screen.

This game was over for the fans but not the players as they continued to drive until the very last second.

That was not enough for Texas as the Wolverines move on. With a final score of Wolverines 79- Longhorns 65.

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