Teacher 'breaks bad' in real life

Teacher Caught Running $1.5M Cocaine Lab Out Of His Home

Teacher Caught Running $1.5M Cocaine Lab Out Of His Home
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It's a story that's generated it's fair share of Breaking Bad headlines. (Via The Guardian, Gawker, The Mirror, The Telegraph)

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Secondary school teacher Macphallen Kuwale was slapped with three-and-a-half years in prison after detectives say they uncovered a million-dollar cocaine operation inside his home. (Via BBC)

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According to The Guardian, police found more than 100 grams of cocaine, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cutting agents and a pressing machine in the alleged cocaine lab.

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As one South Wales detective told The Mirror: "He was involved in street level dealing as well as a sophisticated wholesale operation ... It was totally unusual. It is not something that you come across everyday."

When Kuwale was arrested, he told detectives he wasn't a cocaine dealer and said he was holding the drugs for someone else.

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But, unsurprisingly, further investigations and a raid of his home later proved he was "heavily involved in the supply of cocaine." (Via ITV)

During a school hearing, Kuwale was banned from teaching for life. He now has 28 days to appeal that decision.
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