Popeyes employee sings to customers in drive-thru

Popeyes Employee Sings to Customers in Drive-Thru
Popeyes Employee Sings to Customers in Drive-Thru

People in New Orleans get a musical treat with their meals on the go! HLN has more.

'A woman who works at a drive-thru at the local Popeyes will sing you the menu.'

Cynthia Carter has been working at the Popeyes' drive-thru for 26 years, has become such a hit that people reportedly request that she take their order!

'Nine nugget with the fry, and barbeque sauce, two apple pie!'

Local station WGNO tells us Carter's performance makes you forget your troubles, and sometimes even your food!

'Girl, you forgot your order, girl! -- Ooo, oooo!'

And the Popeyes customers aren't the only ones who enjoy her free-style menu songs: her boss says she may have found her calling.

Carter's boss Darlene Weston also tells WGNO that customers say Carter never fails to brighten their moods when they're having a bad day.

Thank you for being you, Ms. Carter!