New study determines best and worst ways to sleep

New Study Determines Best and Worst Ways to Sleep
New Study Determines Best and Worst Ways to Sleep

How do you sleep at night? On your back? On your stomach? Maybe your side? Well, according to researchers in Australia, there are right and wrong ways to sleep.

Apparently sleeping on your stomach (especially if you're pregnant) puts too much strain on the body.

Business Insider points out: 'If a person is lying with their belly down and face pressed into the pillow, they must crane their neck in order to breathe ... which can begin to strain the vertebrae in the bottom part of your skull after just 15 minutes.'

As for the best position, CNN reports it's sleeping on your back.

Most studies have come to that conclusion, saying that lying on your back is good for preventing spine and neck pain - and it can even help with "maintaining perky breasts." But, this position is also the most likely to cause snoring.

The most common way to sleep is the one that falls between best and worst. The Better Sleep Council says more than 40 percent of people surveyed sleep on their sides and in the fetal position. Women are twice as likely as men to sleep this way.