Man proposes with "Angry Birds"

Man Proposes to Girlfriend Using Angry Birds
Man Proposes to Girlfriend Using Angry Birds

Ben Levi, a self-professed "Angry Birds" addict, used the game to propose to his girlfriend, Melissa Swift -- and of course it was all caught on video.

The game had been a point of contention between the couple. Melissa says Ben was constantly playing the mobile game while they watch TV or even under the table while having dinner. Melissa even joked that Ben was so addicted, it would probably be part of their wedding someday!

So, Ben contacted Rovio, the software company that created "Angry Birds," in hopes that they would help him pop the question. Luckily Rovio's developers agreed.

They created a special third level for Ben that ended with the words "MARRY ME MEL." Then, while having lunch one day, Ben pulled out his iPad and asked Melissa if she wanted to play the game.

Melissa agreed, and when she got to the final level and saw the proposal, Ben was next to her down on one knee. Talk about a happy ending.

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