Did you catch that? Hollywood's movie blunders

Did You Catch That? Hollywood's Movie Blunders
Did You Catch That? Hollywood's Movie Blunders

Even after all the money and man hours spent to craft a major Hollywood movie, mistake or two always slips through the cracks.

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From Johnny Depp's unusual shipmate in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl to a Storm Trooper snafu in Star Wars, we're examining the most infamous movie blunders.

Let's start with Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Look at the left edge of the screen and you'll see that a movie crew member in a cowboy hat is caught in the scene.

In Days of Thunder, Tom Cruise plays racecar driver Cole Trickle. However, there's a script slip up when a co-star introduces herself as Claire, and then says 'hi Tom!' instead of 'hi Cole!'

Yes, even beloved Braveheart isn't blunder-free. In 13th century Scotland, horseback was the best way to get around ... but in super slow-motion, there's one detail that was actually missed: a car! Maybe it was Mel Gibson's ride back to the hotel?

The overlooked error in Star Wars looks like it hurt. When the stormtroopers break into the control room, the guy on the right hits his head on the door frame. Ouch.

It's a gunshot gaffe in Hitcchcock's classic North by Northwest. When you watch it on replay, the kid in the background plugs up his ears before the gun goes off. Guess he was tired of hearing that loud blast.