Campus Coverage: Texas students hopeful about team's odds

Texas v Baylor
Texas v Baylor

By: Victoria Garcia

The University of Texas at Austin students wait and watch the tournament eagerly until their very team faces Arizona State. With it being the 5th time Texas Longhorns and Arizona State face each other it will be the first time these rivals face off in the NCAA.

Many Students, according to their brackets, predict Texas Longhorns will come out with a win against The Sun Devils but that is all.

Emil Zawatski, a Senior Advertising Major at The University of Texas at Austin, believes UT has a good chance.

"We are young but we play hard. Isaiah Taylor will do his normal game but Cam Ridley will be key to our success."

Zawatski also believes the Longhorns will win but will not go far.

"They will most likely play 2nd seeded Michigan. They are very experienced and if we win today I don't think we will get past that."

Longhorns missed the NCAA tournament last season for the first time in 14 years under Head Coach Rick Barnes'. But with a few changes made the Longhorns are looking to have a better chance this year.

Andrea Bali, a Sophomore Exercise Science Major at the University of Texas at Austin, believes it will be a close game.

"I think it will be a close game but I think we are a more clutch team and are capable of coming out with the win and we do have the higher ranking than them."

You can catch the Texas Longhorns and the Sun Devils face off against one another at 8:40pm on CBS.