Anaheim police dog survives being shot in line of duty

Anaheim Police Dog Survives Being Shot in Line of Duty
Anaheim Police Dog Survives Being Shot in Line of Duty

Doctors in Anaheim, California worked overnight to to save a police dog. "Good Morning America" has more.

Bruno was shot and wounded in the line of duty yesterday after sniffing out a suspect. Doctors worked on him all night long. While the situation was awful, Bruno did get incredibly lucky: doctors realized that the bullet was just an inch from his heart.

Bruno was shot Thursday afternoon when he accompanied two probation officers on a routine home check.

Los Angeles Times says when Bruno and the officers arrived, two men who were with the probationer fled, and the police dog found one of them during the search. The man fired shots at the officers and ended up hitting Bruno in the face.

The bullet shattered Bruno's jaw and then traveled to his lung.

KCAL spoke with the president of the Anaheim Police K9 Association about Bruno's handler, Officer R.J. Young.

'Young and his wife celebrated Bruno's birthdays, dressed him up in costume, and since their daughter was born three months ago, they say Bruno won't leave her side when he's home.'

Throughout the night, the Anaheim Police Department kept people updated on Bruno's status on its Twitter page.

The department posted multiple photos of Bruno after his surgery, including this adorable one of the sleeping pooch. Bruno is expected to make a full recovery.

The police department says anyone who wishes to donate to help with Bruno's recovery may give to the Anaheim Police K9 Association.