Movie theater preview turns out to be elaborate proposal

Movie Preview In Theater Turns Out To Be Elaborate Marriage Proposal

So you go to the movies, you get your popcorn, you find your seat, and you watch a bunch of previews, right? One woman thought that's exactly what she as doing ... until the previews she was watching turned into a marriage proposal.

As the previews start, it looks like a trailer for the Liam Neeson thriller, "The Grey." She realized something else was going on when her picture flashed on the big screen.

Her boyfriend managed to set up an elaborate proposal inside the movie theater. The preview eventually jumps off the big screen and into the theater. The whole thing is in Polish, but at least one commenter translated what the guy says to his love as he's down on one knee: "There are ups and downs in life but no matter what, they always stuck together and got each other back. He hopes that it will always be this way."

Then he pops the question, and she says a tearful yes. After they embraced, he thanked everyone in the movie and the theater manager for helping arrange the whole thing.

We don't know if the rest of the people ever get to see an actual movie, but they'd be hard-pressed to find a love story better than this.

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