Mattress saves cyclist from nasty fall

Mattress Saves Cyclist from Nasty Fall
Mattress Saves Cyclist from Nasty Fall

A cyclist in Brazil was knocked off his bike by a passing truck carrying a mattress that ended up breaking his fall. No, it's not a story we pulled from a cartoon, but it kind of looks like one.

He was riding on the side of a road when a truck came by. A mattress flew over and knocked him to the ground. Don't worry, he's OK.

Yeah, that's not something you see every day. Commenters on YouTube point out the unique nature of the incident, one joking, 'Sometimes bike/car interactions work out.'

(Fast-forward to about 0:20 to watch that crazy moment again)

A writer for the Daily Mirror says the cyclist must've had the luck of the Irish. The video was timestamped as Monday, March 17, which was St. Patty's Day.

Globo reports the video was captured by a security camera at a driving school.

The mattress wasn't completely secured to the truck and flew out. The driver told Globo that the accident could've been way worse. He went back to check on the man and retrieve his mattress.