Man sends 30,000 Shakespeare texts as revenge

Man Sends 30,000 Shakespeare Texts as Revenge
Man Sends 30,000 Shakespeare Texts as Revenge

Only in the UK would an internet scam lead to a whole lot of Shakespeare. Edd Joseph got his revenge on a scammer by texting him the complete works of Shakespeare. That's over 30,000 texts!

Edd bought a Playstation 3 on Gumtree, which is basically the Craigslist of England. $130 later, the console never arrived and Edd started plotting.

He told the Daily Mail that at first he thought about sending texts pretending he knew where the seller lived, but he found that to be too cliche.

So, he copied all of Macbeth, pasted it in a single text and sent it. Since his phone carrier breaks messages down to 160 character installments, that's about 1,000 texts. The scammer started replying with abusive messages, so Edd decided to send everything Shakespeare ever wrote. He saw this as "sharing a little bit of culture."

Edd has unlimited texting, but there's no word on the scammer's phone plan. Let's hope it's the same one, cause if not, that phone company's going to want a pound of flesh. Ah, Shakespeare humor.

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