Bad allergy season predicted for spring 2014

Bad Allergy Season Predicted for Spring 2014
Bad Allergy Season Predicted for Spring 2014

While the coming spring means we're that much closer to wearing shorts and flip-flops, it also brings allergy sufferers a few months of misery. "CBS This Morning" spoke with Dr. Clifford Bassett, an allergy and asthma expert who says this spring might be one of the worst ever for people with seasonal allergies.

'Precipitation, all that rain and snow ... lot of good stuff for those root systems, trees and plants. They're primed and they're ready to go. They're already releasing their pollens early.'

People with allergies living in the Southeast are going to be hit the hardest.

AccuWeather spoke with an allergist, who notes that tree growth affects how much pollen is released into the air each spring. 'In the Southeast, where oaks and maples are plentiful, the warmer air and intermittent rain that typically accompanies spring create ideal conditions for rapid tree growth.'

WebMD says people with pollen and mold allergies often experience symptoms such as runny noses, watery eyes and sneezing.

Although it might seem difficult to avoid these sorts of allergens, the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology has some tips: 'Use a clothes dryer rather than dry clothes outside, where they can collect pollen; limit your time outdoors when pollen and mold counts are high; clean and replace air conditioner filters often.'

Dr. Bassett says anyone concerned he or she might have an allergy should make sure to get tested.