Twitter posts help save entangled eagles

Twitter Posts Help Save Entangled Eagles
Twitter Posts Help Save Entangled Eagles

We typically envision the iconic blue bird when we think of Twitter, but tweets recently saved a very different kind of bird - an eagle. Two of them, in fact.

'A homeowner in Minnesota found the birds tangled together on their front lawn. Neighbors tweeted for help and a local Raptor Center came to help the eagles.' FOX9 reports that more than 150 people gathered on the lawn to get a look at the situation.

Here's one of the tweets from a concerned bystander, asking people where to find help for injured bald eagles.

KMSP reports the two eagles' talons were stuck together for more than three hours. After many retweets, a professional finally got word of the situation. That's when a DNR conservation officer came to the rescue.

'The Shakopee birds are recovering at the rapture center and they will be released when they are fully recovered.'

Users also Instagrammed the news the eagles were rescued, with the hashtag #savetheeagles.

The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota posted an update noting the two birds likely became entangled over a territory dispute. They also tested positive for lead poisoning.

' ... which means that at some point they each ingested lead with their meals. The most common cause of lead toxicity in eagles is spent lead hunting ammunition.'

KEYC says it actually isn't all that rare for eagles to become entangled.

'That is really something, just to see them like that, entangled.'
'Raptor Center officials said that's actually kind of common.'

The birds will be treated at the Raptor Center for the next couple of weeks and are expected to recover.