'Momvict' says she can't volunteer at Florida school because of 2002 arrest

'Momvict' Says She Can't Volunteer at Florida School Because of 2002 Arrest
'Momvict' Says She Can't Volunteer at Florida School Because of 2002 Arrest

A Seminole County mother says her school district should apply some common sense to a policy that won't let her volunteer at her child's school.

Theresa Seigler served a year in jail because she was present when 10 grams of ecstasy were sold to an undercover officer in 2002. She was 22 years old.

She has since gotten married and had a daughter.

Under Seminole County Schools volunteer policy, Seigler's felony drug conviction disqualified her from being a volunteer.

"Surely anyone who looks at (my daughter) can tell I'm not this horrible person around kids," Seigler said.

Seigler says she is allowed to help out when kids aren't around. She's not allowed on field trips and can't even eat with her daughter in the school cafeteria.

"I understand why they have screenings. I just think they should apply a little bit of common sense to them," she said.

"The mother in question may have contact with her own daughter, but not in an area where other students are located. Based upon our Criminal Background Screening Guidelines, she is denied this ability because of her felony conviction drug charge. These guidelines are in place for the safety of our students," the school district told WESH 2 News.

Seigler has started a Facebook page and blog called the "The Momvict." So far she has more than 80 supporters, with other parents calling the policy "ridiculous"

"I would say that a charge doesn't make a person," she said,

Seigler plans to fight the district's decision. She says she's going to speak at an upcoming school board meeting to plead her case.

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