Kim Kardashian goes incognito on new TV show

Kim Kardashian Goes Incognito
Kim Kardashian Goes Incognito

At times it seems like Kim Kardashian's mug is everywhere ... but for a new show called "Celebrities Undercover," she put a totally unrecognizable face forward.

Kim Kardashian, 33, was made up to look like someone else entirely, and she joined several other hopeful women to be interviewed as a Kardashian assistant.

The group was then put to the test to see how loyal the fans truly were. As the unsuspecting girls watched, the woman conducting the (fake) interview got a (very fake) IM from the star. 'Please don't tell the girls that I hooked up with Eminem last night,' it read.

Their jaws dropped, and they were asked to keep this "news" entirely confidential. As they nodded and promised, an actor playing a tabloid reported showed up to see how they would react. Everyone quickly slammed the rumors, and Kardashian was very impressed with how vehemently the girls defended her.

After that, the entire group went to Kardashian's house, where she informed them that they had been with Kim 'all day.' She took off as much of her disguise as she could, and everyone was stunned. It took them a while to laugh off their shock, but eventually everyone jumped up for a hug.