High school senior Chad Thomas offered 150 college scholarships

High School Senior Chad Thomas Offered 150 College Scholarships
High School Senior Chad Thomas Offered 150 College Scholarships

For many, college scholarships are hard to come by. But that's not the case for a Booker T. Washington high school senior with many talents. He's been offered 150 scholarships.

Chad Thomas is a talented football player, and he also plays nine instruments.

That's right, nine! He plays the piano, trombone, tuba, small tuba, guitar, bass guitar, snare, trumpet and drums! He's practically a one-man band. Thomas' football coach Tim Harris told the Miami Herald:

'I thought he was full of it when he told me he played all these instruments. Then he started playing them in front of me ... I was impressed.'

Thomas says he fell in love with music while listening to his late grandmother's gospel music. WFOR spoke with the teen, who says it was that gospel music that led him to his passion for various instruments.

'I just took it upon myself to learn how to play the instruments that I hear in the songs.'

WFOR says Thomas' grandma bought him a guitar and signed him up for piano lessons. By the age of 5, he was performing. But that's not Thomas' only talent - he's got skills with the pig skin, too.

'The 18-year-old helped lead his football team to back-to-back state championships and a national title this season.'

Thomas was offered scholarships for both football and music, and WFOR tells us he's chosen to pursue both.

'He's decided his future home is with the U as part of the football team and with the Frost School of Music.'

Thomas seems to be happy with his decision. Back in February he told the Miami Herald he's been throwin' up the University of Miami 'U' since the beginning of the season.