Woman can't believe what crawled out of her backpack after vacation

Woman Finds Huge Venomous Spider In Bag After Trip

This may be the freakiest way to end a vacation.

A woman in London returned home from a backpacking trip in Cameroon only to find THIS crawl out of her bag.

It's a huntsman spider and it's venomous. And that little pillow she's sitting on? Those are her 400 babies wrapped up nicely beneath her, accordingto the Evening Standard. Yes, a pregnant, venomous spider taken out of its natural habitat.

The woman, 31-year-old NoraSerrat, reportedly picked up the spider sometime during her two week stay in the rainforest. The body of a huntsman spider measures about an inch and half, and the legs? This momma arachnid reached a foot!

The spider, which has been named Hermione, crawled out of the woman's backpack while she was at work. Fortunately, she works with some brave people and a few coworkers actually managed to catch it in a box.

Thespider, and every fearful soul around it, were unharmed in the incident and the soon-to-be mother was transferred to the London Zoo.

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