Toddler falls out of window, caught by people moving mattress

Toddler Falls Out of Window, Caught by People Moving Mattress
Toddler Falls Out of Window, Caught by People Moving Mattress

A toddler was reportedly going after a toy when he accidentally fell out of a third-story apartment.

Photos by Ross A. Benson

'Konrad Lightner and his wife Jennifer just happened to be moving their mattress out of their Burbank, Calif., apartment building when they noticed the toddler, apparently tangled in wires and dangling precariously out of the window,' 'GMA' reports'

HLN reports that's when Konrad Lightner threw the box spring down ... just in the nick of time.

'The 3-year-old then let go. Police say that couple's quick thinking probably saved the boy's life.'

KABC spoke with the Lightners, who said not to call them heroes.

'I kind of grabbed him and lowered him really fast to the box spring.'

'It didn't seem real until he was kind of hanging from that cord because you know there's no way he's gonna get back in the window, it's 'kind of now up to Konrad to catch him.'

The couple called 911 when they saw all the commotion, and a neighbor grabbed the child's parents, who were unaware of what had happened, but obviously deeply grateful. reports firefighters and paramedics checked over the child, who was transported to a local hospital with "very minor injuries."

A firefighter on the scene even presented Konrad Lightner with his personal challenge coin. It's the same coin that's been carried by soldiers since WWI and given after brave acts and good deeds.

Sounds like Lightner definitely deserved it.