Man takes selfies to avoid extra tax from IRS

Man Takes Selfies to Avoid Extra Tax from IRS
Man Takes Selfies to Avoid Extra Tax from IRS

By Lindsey Granger

When someone hears the word "selfie," one thinks of a seemingly self-absorbed celebrity or a pic that's taken for pure fun. But one architect is using these pictures to avoid a potential run-in with the IRS!

Andrew Jarvis is an architect who splits his time between New York City and Philadelphia. The commute became so tiring that he decided to rent an apartment in NYC. The problem is: If you spend more than 182 days in New York City get taxed.

So to prepare his case for the IRS and prove to the taxman that he spends much more time in Philly than the Big Apple, Andrew began a selfie campaign equipped with date and time stamps and even the daily paper in hand.

Andrew's daughter Anne found all this quite hilarious and created the Instagram account "Internal Revenue Selfies" to share her dad's pictures with the world.

Now that Andrew has proof he is following the law, he will likely save himself a few dollars.