Women shave their heads to support friend with breast cancer

Women Shave Their Heads to Support Friend with Breast Cancer
Women Shave Their Heads to Support Friend with Breast Cancer

A group of women shaved their heads in support of a friend with cancer.

"Fox & Friends" highlighted the heartwarming video, noting the woman, Gerdi McKenna, had no idea her friends planned to do this for her.

'They surprised her with a photo shoot. A video documenting the experience has gotten over 5 million views in a week.'

The video was posted on Vimeo and explains that in February, McKenna's friends wrote an email and requested a photo shoot with McKenna and her friends after her breast cancer diagnosis. And before the shoot, they all shaved their heads.

'It's all for you, my love.'
'All right girls, show time!'

The women seemed happy and emotional as they shaved their heads. One woman interviewed said she was letting go of her pride for a friend going through much, much more.
And, once McKenna saw them all, she was overwhelmed with emotion but said they all look AWESOME!

And, of course, the media has been gushing over the video.

WXIN called the entire thing a "tearjerker." Women's Health guaranteed the video would "make you cry," and online commenters were clearly touched as well.

What an amazing group of friends. This story made us tear up a bit, too.

Watch the full video here: