Woman blames Scientology for breaking up her family

Woman Blames Scientology for Breaking Up Her Family
Woman Blames Scientology for Breaking Up Her Family

A woman in Florida is blaming the Church of Scientology for tearing apart her family. "Good Morning America" has more.

According to Daily Mail, Sara Goldberg's son Nick Lister questioned the Church and was labeled a "suppressive person." Thus, the church shunned him. Goldberg chose to support her son, resulting in her being shunned as well.

That's when her daughter Ashley brought up a heartbreaking proposition.

'She said 'I hate this disconnection thing, Mom, but I'm gonna have to disconnect from you.' I held her tight, I told her I loved her. That's the last time I saw her. It was horrible.'

Goldberg told the Tampa Bay Times she mailed Ashley a letter that read, 'No mother should ever have to go through this loss of a child and grandchild. I love you more and more and always did and will.'

However, Ashley emailed her the next day asking her to stop contacting her. Although Goldberg and her son remain close, she is still separated from both her daughter and her granddaughter.