Miss Congeniality gets a misdemeanor

Miss Congeniality Gets A Misdemeanor
Miss Congeniality Gets A Misdemeanor

A Washington state teen who was recently crowned Miss Congeniality has also picked up a misdemeanor. Just three days before 18-year-old Chloe Curry was named Miss Congeniality at the Miss Lewis County Scholarship Pageant, Curry and a friend were caught attempting to shoplift cosmetics from a Walmart.

Casey Curry via Facebook

Local law enforcement officials say more than a hundred dollars worth of nail polish, lip balm, fake eyelashes, along with other cosmetic items were retrieved from the teens' bags. They both will face a judge on a charge of theft in the third degree.

The incident didn't stop Curry from competing in the pageant on march 8th. Ironically, her platform was building a positive self image.

While pageant organizers were shocked to learn of Curry's misdemeanor, they will not be able to take back the teen's $600 scholarship as all monetary awards in the competition are final.

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